Platinum Rose of Love 7 inch

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Platinum Rose of Love 7 inch is a present that is no less than a trophy. Handpicked at full bloom and coated with platinum, this is a gift that is definitely worth giving. You should get this present for your partner, parents, siblings, and best friends.

They will love to receive a gift that has no expiry date. Placed in stylish brown or turquoise with a velvet fabric inside, the platinum rose will remain safe and secure. If you need to deliver this rose to another city or country, leave it up to us. We will send the rose to your loved one within a few days.

You will know they have received the platinum rose when you receive an excited call from them. Do not imagine receiving it, but order to make it a reality. Trust us, just the sight of the platinum rose is hypnotizing, so imagine holding in your hand as you look at the rose.

Since this rose never dies, your loved one will always have something to remember you each time they look at it, sitting elegantly on a table or dresser of their house.

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