Our Preservation Process

Our gold, silver, and platinum roses are 100% genuine. Dedicated and experienced farmers harvest, grow, and handpick the roses when they are at the peak of their beauty. We take meticulous care of our roses, ensuring you receive the best ones.

Electroplating Process

Close and careful observation of the roses allows us to maintain their quality and pick them as soon as they start to open up and bloom. We cover the roses with a translucent coating, which prevents them from losing their shape during the electroplating process.

The electroplating process freezes the flowers to preserve their beautiful and natural shape. With the electroplating process complete, a series of smaller steps follow. Immersion electroplating coats the roses several times. Our patented processes and formula help us complete the immersion.

Copper and Nickel Layers

We electroplate our roses with multiple layers of copper to provide you with a texture-sensitive, and accurate layer, and a durable metal-plated brace. Next, we electroplate our roses with nickel. Nickel electroplating holds the rose’s structure, so it does not break or become damaged when we coat it with precious metal.

Formula Preparation and Inspection

We carefully inspect the rose for plating quality, shape, and imperfections during the electroplating process. We put each rose through a series of strict quality testing protocols. Roses that clear all tests go through our gold, platinum, or silver electroplating process. The process involves using several thin layers of the gold, platinum, or silver metal.

The process takes several weeks to complete, giving our roses a glossy and shiny finish. Our roses will not corrode but will last you several years. The entire process takes around three months to complete for each rose.

End Result: A Perfect Rose

Electroplating doesn’t conceal the rose’s natural bums, steam characteristics, and leaf veins. Our promotional pictures do not do justice to the rose, as our roses are even more breathtaking and luxurious when held up-close.

Our roses may appear fragile but are stronger than you think. This is due to its nickel layer. Our roses will not break unless you deliberately apply pressure to it. Even if you accidentally drop them on a soft surface, our roses are unlikely to break or get a dent. However, our roses may become damaged if dropped on a hard surface, but they still will not break.

Roses of Love brings you nothing bet the best gold, silver, and platinum roses in the world. Bring our roses home or gift them because we’re confident that they will last for an eternity.