Platinum Rose of Love 11 inch

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Platinum Rose of Love 11 inch is a gift that will never disappoint. It is the perfect gift that is worth giving to the person you love the most. If you want to surprise them with a stunning rose dipped in platinum, you should not think twice about ordering this rose.

Handpicked at full bloom, the delicate rose will become a present your loved one will fondly look at from time to time, as it has been given to them from a place of love. If they live in another city or country, leave it to us to deliver it to the, free of cost, on your behalf.

To protect the everlasting platinum rose, we have encased it in an elegant box, available in brown and turquoise, with a velvet fabric inside for further protection. The box locks to ensure the rose remains safely inside.

If a special occasion is coming up and you are thinking about presenting a gift to your partner, parent, sibling, or friend, order our platinum rose. This 11 inch beauty is a breathtaking gift that anyone would love to receive. You need to place your order today.

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