.999 Silver Rose of Love 14 Inch

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Our .999 Silver Rose of Love 14 Inch is a one-of-a-kind product that does not wilt, but lives on forever. Dipped in pure .999 silver, our silver rose will not disappoint your loved one. It is a genuine silver rose, enclosed in a charming box, available in turquoise and brown, with a velvet material inside to keep the rose safe, secure, and in place.

This is an incredible gift that you can give to your partner, best friend, sibling, parent, and anyone you respect and love. When you give a loved one this gift, they will feel like royalty, as who expects to receive a silver rose from all things. In comparison to all other types of gifts, a silver rose is a different type of gift.

If you are still mulling over the idea about the type of gift you should give to them this year, trust us, there is nothing better than a silver coated rose. If they live away from you and you want to send them a gift, let us know and we will deliver it as quickly as possible to ensure they receive it on time.

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