.999 Silver Rose of Love 11 Inch

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.999 Silver Rose of Love 11 Inch — a gift from the heart that speaks to the soul of the one who receives it. Deepen your connection with the person who means the world to you by presenting them with a silver rose. A genuine rose dipped in .999 pure silver and encased in a sophisticated box with a lock to secure it inside.

A peak inside the box reveals a velvet cloth where the silver rose rests. If you know someone who likes roses, give them an everlasting rose. Our silver rose will stay a part of your home for several years. Each time the person you gave the rose to looks at it, they will be reminded of you.

What if you do not have anyone to gift a silver rose to? No problem! Sometimes, treating yourself to something you like once in a while is worth it. You can buy and gift the silver rose to yourself. It can become a part of your home décor.

If you do know someone who will appreciate receiving a silver rose, you should not waste time in giving it to them. We will ship the rose to them if they live far away.

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