24K Gold Rose of Love 9.5 Inch

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Expressions of love should be grand, yet intimate. They should speak volumes of your love without you even uttering even a single word. Our 24K Gold Rose of Love is a present that communicates feels and emotions.

Giving it to the person you hold the most dear — whether it is your partner, mother, father, brother, sister, or friend — will warm your heart, knowing your gift can touch someone so deeply. Chances of tears coming in their eyes and them becoming speechless are high.

Our handpicked everlasting gold roses come in a premium quality brown and turquoise box with velvet laid inside it and sitting on top of it, is our lovely gold rose. Our gold roses do not have an expiry date, but they will stay a part of that person’s life for years to come.

When their anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day, or some other occasion comes, this is the gift you should be giving. No matter where they are in the world, you can trust us to have their present delivered to them on time.

Make your loved one happy and provide them with a gold rose that will cherish forever. Order your 24K Gold Rose of Love today.

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