24K Gold Rose of Love Buds 7 Inch

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A special occasion is coming up, and you are short on ideas. You can give them the usual gifts, but that’s boring, unoriginal, and uninventive. Well, we have an idea. Instead of the usual gifts, go big, go gold! You can present them with a 24K Gold Rose of Love Buds.

Handpicked and dipped in gold, our everlasting roses will make a lasting impression on your loved one. When they open the stunning high quality box — available in brown and turquoise — with velvet fabric, staring at them will be lovely gold rose.

But be warned, as topping this gift will be a feat. That’s why, you can reserve this gift for those once in a life events such as the silver jubilee, golden jubilee, or diamond jubilee anniversaries. We won’t stop you from buying it for their birthday, graduation gift, Valentine’s Day, or any other unforgettable occasion.

Why? Since they last for several years, you can create a bouquet, making it a tradition to gift these priceless gold roses to your loved one on certain life events in their life. Sometimes, there is no right time to buy, as the best gifts are those that are unexpected. Place your order for our 24K Gold Rose of Love Buds right away.

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