24K Gold Rose of Love14 Inch

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This the season of gold roses. We bring you our 24K Gold Rose of Love 14 inch — a rose like no other, a gift like no other. Our gold rose is an exquisite and meaningful gift to give someone close to your heart. The gold accentuates the beauty of the rose.

No other rose can compare to our gold rose! It is a different class altogether. If you are searching far and wide for a present that captures the essence of your love and relationship with that special someone, our gold rose should be the gift you should be eyeing this year for them.

If their birthday is around the corner or you will be celebrating a momentous occasion, you cannot go wrong with a delicate and sophisticated gold rose. Safeguarding the rose is our luxury packaging available in a lovely brown and turquoise colour. The gold rose sleeps on a high-glass velvet.

Give a gift that will make their eyes tear up and put a smile on their lips. You can give our gold rose to anyone you cherish, such as your partner, parents, siblings, and friends. If your loved one lives far away from you in another country, we will fly the 24K Gold Rose of Love 14 Inch out to them.

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