24K Gold Rose of Love 11 Inch

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Our 24K Gold Rose of Love 11 inch is not your average gift. It is gift that you give to a person who you know is worth it. Dipped in gold and handpicked at full bloom, our gold rose will enchant them. This everlasting gold rose will earn you the title of the “best gift giver” for sure.

Our gold roses are a present that will take your breath away. When your loved one opens the box, you can expect them to be in awe of its beauty and the way it sparkles under light. The delicate rose covered in genuine gold is a sight to see.

You will want to capture their reaction on camera, as there is not a more unique present than a gold rose. We have placed the rose in an equally elegant box with velvet fabric inside. You have the option to buy it in either brown or turquoise.

Just like your love for them, our rose is everlasting. You can expect to see the beautiful gold rose, sitting on a dresser or side table, for several years. This gift is a memory that never fades away, but remains there, looking as lovely as it looked on the first day. Order our gold rose today.

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