18K Gold Rose of Love 7 inch

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Stop thinking because your perfect gift is here. You were on the lookout for a gift that spoke volumes of your love, and now, with the 18K Gold Rose of Love 7 inch, you have uncovered it. You can stop the search because every other gift next to our gold-coated rose is basic and simple.

Why don’t you give the person who means the world to you an everlasting gift? Our gold rose will not die or wilt but remain a part of your memories and your home for many years. We have carefully placed the gold rose in a premium quality box secured by a lock. You can choose either a turquoise or brown in colour.

The rose rests on a velvet fabric that protects its delicate design. If a birthday, wedding, anniversary, wedding, or any other type of occasion is around the corner, order the 18k gold rose for them. If they do not live in the same city or country as you, no problem, we will deliver it to them and you will be getting a “thank you” call within a week.

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