18K Gold Rose of Love 14 inch

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18K Gold Rose of Love 14 inch is a gift that you have to see to believe. We have taken a real rose and have coated it in 18K gold. The crystallised appearance of the gold rose exudes elegance and appeal. To protect the gold rose, we have encased in a turquoise and brown box.

A velvet fabric inside the box is where the rose rests. Take out of the box carefully for a closer look at the detailed, frozen in time, curves of the rose petals and slight twist of the stem. Return the rose to its box and secure it with a lock.

Who is deserving of such a beautiful gift? You are. You can get it for yourself and display it in your home or you can get it for someone who is very dear to you. You can buy it from your family like parents and siblings, your partner, or your sibling.

It makes for an impressive birthday, wedding, anniversary, and graduation gift. You can even give it on Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. In the event the person who you want to present this gold rose to lives in another city or country, we can deliver it to them from you.

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